Sunday, August 8, 2010

Saying farewell, Makova Lab style

So far, in the Makova Lab, we've had two people defend (i.e. graduate with a PhD). For the first, one of my labmates organized a hat where we all wrote notes in our native languages. For the second, I was in charge, and figuring that I'm much better at scrapbooking than hat-making, I decided to just collect well-wishes, in a variety of languages, and put them in a little book. I really like the idea because it makes a unique, fun memento of time spent in the lab. Here's a few shots of the book I made for Chungoo:

Here is Hindi:

and Japanese:

The idea is that the person will have to meet new people who speak each of the different languages to interpret what it means - facilitating new friendships at the new location. :)

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