Saturday, August 14, 2010

Every other day

For all my efforts this week, I'm still only posting here every other day! I can't imagine how quickly the days are going to pass once the little lady arrives.

Yesterday I spent a good amount of time learning how to apply for the NIH postdoctoral fellowship - so much paperwork!! But, hopefully it'll be worth it in the end, regardless of whether I get it or not, at least I'll know more about the process.

Today I have a good list ahead of me. After waking up early, taking the rats out for a 2 mile walk, then heading with Scott to pick up milk for the week from Meyer Dairy, we met up with friends for breakfast.
Here are the dogs waiting patiently for me to get ready:

Now Scott is finishing up the last of the changes to his thesis, so he can get it printed and distributed by Tuesday, and I am distractedly getting some work done.

I made another batch of no-bake cookies, this time substituting 2 cups of rye flakes for the oat flakes, adding an extra half a cup of oat flakes, and letting the rolling boil cook for 2 minutes (instead of 1.5min), and they turned out pretty well.

I also cooked the edamame from our CSA. I cut off the pods and boiled them in salted water. After draining the hot water off and letting them cool, the pods pop right open to reveal delicious little beans inside.

Our friends suggested salting them, but I think the salt from the water is enough flavor - to each their own.

Now that I have some snacks, and a cup of hot tea, there's not excuse, back to work. In brief:
1. Work on postdoc fellowships applications - pre-registering and learning about requirements
2. Run new analyses for male mutation bias project
3. Go through most recent results from pseudogene project and do a little theoretical work to see if I can explain them
4. Work on funding requests for USA Science and Engineering Festival - hopefully to deliver on Tuesday

Ah, but of course, as I write this the rats are telling me they need to go for a walk - I guess they have been good ALL day - a big feat for them. Plus, it wouldn't hurt me to enjoy a little more of this Saturday afternoon. :)

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