Saturday, August 7, 2010

Busy, balance, bad dog

Today is one of first Saturdays in a long time where we have had nothing planned. No plans. What? I can just do what I want to do around the house? Get caught up?

The dogs let me sleep in until just after 8 (even though the she-monkey had me up at 6 for a potty break). We had a nice cool walk, then came home and organized the pantry, mostly all the dog-stuff, while Scott went for a run. When he got back we ate some hot rye cereal (like oatmeal), then got ready for the day.

Scott worked all day, and I set out for adventure:
- dropped off clothes/items to the goodwill
- spent an hour or so cleaning up our plot at the Penn State Community Garden - picking tomatoes, pulling weeds and trying to tame the butternut squash
- donated the extra small dog collars and leashes we had to PAWS, and chatted with the people there
- stopped into Target to pick up a few things we needed around the house (especially a nightlight so I don't have to turn on all the lights when I have to get up in the middle of the night). I also was hoping to pick up a couple stretchy maternity belly band things for helping extend the life of "normal" jeans, but they were out of all stretchy things, and also out of all nursing tanks - which I was just curious to look at. Weird. Some summer rush on maternity stuff?
- bought our oats, flour and yeast in bulk from the Granary, a locally owned food/health store

I meant to stop at Meyer Dairy also, because we're out of milk, but because some of my tasks took a little longer than I was expecting, and it was nearing 2:30pm, I figured I should get home and get some lunch.

We had lettuce and beets (pickled) from our CSA, tomatoes from our own garden, along with some tuna and cheese - yum!

We both worked for the next few hours. Scott is trying to finish up a paper to submit soon. I am working on re-running an analysis on a whole bunch of dna sequences, and because the analysis takes up so much memory, I have to run just a handful at a time (or they crowd each other out and all fail), and consequently am on babysitting duty all weekend.

After working, we headed out to the Nittany Mall for Chinese - yes, best chinese food ever - then to the dollar theatre to see Knight and Day. The food was, as expected, fantastic, and the movie was very entertaining. It was much funnier than I expected, lots of action and a few silly sweet scenes.

We came back home to tea bags shredded by the back door. I thought I had removed everything the dogs could get into, and Scott made sure all the doors were shut, but we learned that Aro can actually make the 4 foot jump onto our dining room table. I have to admit, I'm pretty impressed with the little rat. Plus, the mess wasn't nearly so bad as it could have been, seeing everything he had access to on the table - my green flip flops even made it out unscathed!!

Now, I'm checking my files again, and will probably work on my other project (looking at the time of death of Y-linked genes, now pseudogenes), while Scott focuses on his paper, and dogs enjoy us being home.


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