Thursday, August 12, 2010

For your viewing pleasure

In an effort to keep the posts coming, I'm going to take a quick min here over lunch (delicious leftovers from last night's dinner) to say hello. :)

Last night we cooked up some of the beef we bought from Plowshare Produce's neighbor in beefy-noodly-cream of mushroom mix, eating our CSA green beans on the side. I have to rave about how fantastic the beef was - lean, flavorful, hearty. We're definitely going to get some more the next time it is offered.

I'll be up to my eyeballs in work the next couple weeks, but I'll do my best not to let it keep me from updating with some regularity. I'll be:
1. Rerunning computations for a paper about male mutation bias that we hope to have to our collaborators in a couple weeks - and plan to submit within a month
2. Finishing up analysis on a project studying pseudogenes on the Y chromosome with my undergrad protegee, who is leaving for MIT in a few weeks
3. Visiting family in Kansas and Nebraska
4. Visiting Berkeley to give a presentation and work though ideas for fellowship applications this Fall
5. Sending out requests for support for the GWIS booth at the USA Science and Engineering Festival, and making sure the activity is ready for the ~10,000 people who are estimated to stop by our booth.

Also, soon we'll have a PhD in the family (and hopefully another to follow in the next 6 months): Scott is defending his thesis on August 31st, 10am, 301A Chemistry Building!!

So, in case I miss a couple days, here is some rockin' guitar music to soothe the savage beast:

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