Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Here are just some of the ducks I saw yesterday while walking the dogs. I saw three separate flocks, totaling over 80 ducks!! There is a pool nearby, lots of shrubs for shade and lots of tasty bugs, so I guess they like it here. Also, thankfully, the dogs didn't bark at them or try to chase them. Aro was just curious as to what they were. :)

In other news, I'm really enjoying feeling the little nudges from our little girl. It seems like every day she gets a little more active - something I'm sure won't stop for several years! Estimates this week say she's between 10.5-11.5 inches long (~26.5-30cm) from head to toe. Whoa! No wonder I'm starting to feel her move. I'll get some more belly pics up on facebook soon. I really feel a difference this week from last week, but I'm probably super-sensitive to it.

The end of this week we're headed to Kansas to visit my grandparents, then up to Nebraska to see my mom, brothers, sister-in-law and nephew, along with any other friends we can squeeze in there. I'm hoping to make time to head to the Henry Doorly Zoo up in Omaha - boasting America's largest indoor rainforest - my favorite!! The trips are always so short.

This one will go by especially quick because I will be preparing to head out to Berkeley, CA the day after we get home to talk about projects for fellowship applications for a potential postdoc position. I'm super excited to go visit the lab there - a ton of great research in a wide variety of species. The next week or so I'll spend brainstorming some ideas for what to propose.

C'mon brain, let's go work!!

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