Sunday, August 22, 2010

greetings from Kansas

It's been a few days, but so much has happened, I'm sure to make up for it. Although, I will have to apologize in advance because I won't be around for this coming week's plowshare. I thought I wouldn't miss anymore, but sorry ladies and gents, visiting family and then visiting Cali will take precedence this week. We have a friend picking up the veggies, so I'll ask her to take a pic, maybe I can post a belated pic.

After dropping off the dogs with some friends, Scott went to meet with his advisor for a last-minute planning meeting about an upcoming presentation and I finished laundry. Our early morning flight went off without a hitch - many thanks to the great TSA people at the State College airport who make my life much easier, and who I'm very thankful for every time I have to check in at any other airport.

We made it to Kansas safe and sound (MCI is still one of my most favorite airports, because it has such a simple design, and because of the free Wi-Fi). My mom and grandma picked us up from the airport and took us back to their house/video store. My grandpa wanted to go our for burgers, so we all went out to this local place for some pretty tasty burgers:

When I was growing up we didn't see my mom's parents very often and so always tried to get pictures of my grandma, mom and me. So, of course, on this trip we had to get a picture of the three (soon-to-be four) LaDuron ladies together:

And, because all of the belly-pics posted so far (on facebook if you're interested) have been of just me and the bump, we wanted to get some of the three of us. We'll have to try again when we're not laughing and the aforementioned bump gets a little bigger. :)

It was Friday, so my grandpa had to get back to work while we made the drive up to Nebraska, but not before my mom and I gave him some good-bye kisses:

p.s. Girly-fact of the day: I think it is super-fun that my hair is all-natural, but still has the look of highlights :)


I forgot to mention, we got caught in a terrible thunderstorm with a tornado warning on the way home. This was the sky we were driving into, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon:

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