Thursday, August 26, 2010

can't sleep

So, of course my schedule is a bit off, coming from PA, spending 5 days in Nebraska, and now, after traveling out to CA, I was up at 4:47am local time.

I put some finishing touches on my presentation, answered emails, confirmed my registration for the semester, and am all ready for the day (and it is now 6:46!). Breakfast doesn't open downstairs for another 45 minutes, but I know I'm hungry (tummy growling) and I think the little lady is hungry too, because she's been kicking up a storm the past 15 minutes.

I had a great day yesterday - went out to lunch with the lab, came up with some great ideas for this research proposal, talked with the current postdocs, and got checked into my room.

I walked downtown to find something for dinner, and happened to walk by the local Yoga To The People (YTTP) studio. As luck would have it, class was starting in 5 minutes, so I hurried in, chucked off my shoes and socks, paid my mat rental fee, a bottle of water and donation for the class, and commenced with a really awesome 1 hr yoga class. It was quite hot, so I'm glad for the water. And I apologize to everyone for having to see my preggo belly because I had to roll up my shirt to keep from overheating. There were only a couple moves I wasn't comfortable doing, but overall came out feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. I was tempted to see if I could make another class today, but I think my schedule will be pretty full, and I have to leave time to make sure I get to the airport in time for my 11pm flight back home.

I really love the concept of YTTP, and especially here, I love the abundance of classes. I wonder, on average, if they end of making as much as any other studio (well, studios I could afford to go to anyway), because of the amount of people encouraged to go. The room was packed when I was there, only one spot left! If even half of them paid the suggested $10 donation, that would be more than they'd probably get if they were charging $20/person because so few people would come. But, then I'm assuming that people actually find the service valuable enough to pay for. I hope they do.

With relaxation in mind, I think I'll lay down for some quiet time until the breakfast here opens, see what's around, then maybe walk downtown for a smoothie - yum!

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