Wednesday, August 25, 2010

in California

Made it out to California! (I have more to blog about today, but I am too tired now, and so will just post what I wrote earlier, while waiting between flights - enjoy!)

I'm in Berkeley, and although people tend to think of sunny, hot California, Berkeley and the San Francisco area tend to be pretty mild (between 60-70F year-round). There just so happens to be a heat wave in the area right now, with temperatures creeping towards ~85F today, but cooling off to the low 70's or even high 60's tomorrow. Sure glad I'm layering.

I'm giving a talk tomorrow on campus, so stop by if you're free!

Evolution and survival on eutherian sex chromosomes
Thursday August 26, 2010
3pm (but I still don't know where!)

I'll focus on research from my thesis that's published already (in PLoS Genetics) and will give a sneak peek at the two projects that are in progress right now.

Three things about the flight:

1. The little one was quite active on four separate occasions on the flight - it is possible she really does, or does not like tomato juice. :) That, and a couple of times her kicks were so intense you could see my belly move from the outside... cool.

2. There was a guy that was on both of my flights (from State College to  Detroit, and Detroit to San Francisco) who had a bright purple cast on his right leg and foot. No one would pause to let him off the plane in Detroit until I got there - then he booked it faster on his crutches than most of the walking people. He happened to sit behind me on the second flight, so I was able to learn (from his conversation with the flight attendants) that the cast is the result of getting bit by a shark! Whoa! He said it was pretty severe, but didn't go into details. I wonder if he'll be on an episode of Shark Week next year? :)

3. They offered wi-fi (not free) on the flight. I was tempted to pay for it, just to say I had wi-fi on the flight, but instead figured I'd just write this post, and put it up tonight when I have free access. Not having internet helped convince me to take a very nice 45 min nap, then spend some time working on my presentation. On the way home, if I have the option, I might take it up. I was only flying from Detroit to San Francisco there, but fly from SF to DC on the way back.

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