Wednesday, August 25, 2010

in-flight reading

It seems the only time I have now, for reading, is while flying. I made it through two short books on the trip to Nebraska and back.

On the way to the Midwest I read the book, "A Rare Breed of Love". The second half of the book is composed mostly of pictures of the little dog with celebrities, and sometimes relevant stories about why said person supports animal welfare. The first half of the book describes Baby's story, how she lost her leg, and does give some details about puppy mills, and the author's struggle to work for animal rights. Overall it was a quick read, but really left me wanting more. More information about puppy mills, or at least references to other sources of information. More details about Baby's life (past or present), or about the lives of other dogs mentioned in the book. More description about the author's work to protect animals, and what she's working towards now. Maybe I expected too much, after reading about its reference in "Rescue Ink". It was more like an afterthought than the thought-provoking novel I was expecting. I gave the book to my mom to take into work - being a tech at a Veterinary Clinic, I'm sure she'll find someone who would like to read it.

On the way home I read a local book entitled, "Tales of Tails: From NEBRASKA Veterinarians and Families". My mom picked the book up for me, written and compiled by local veterinarians and their spouses (local to Nebraska, and Kansas). They're all the sort of stories you expect to be shared over dinner, or over coffee, or a slice of pie. Some are funny, some are heart-warming and some, as is to be expected with these kinds of stories, are probably very relevant to the story-teller, but lose some of their magic when out-of-context to the listener (or, in this case, reader). I think I'll give this to a friend of ours who is a Veterinarian.

Alright, have to board the plane to Detroit, then on to San Francisco!

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