Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I was supposed to go to bed, since I'm entirely exhausted (1:30am here in Lyon, even though my computer is still on PA time), but I was inspired to give a few quick updates since it has been awhile since my last post:

1. The science and people at SMBE 2010 are awesome. I've really been having a blast, will post more about conference specifics, but feel free to catch up on the tweets (

2. The food in Lyon has been mostly disappointing (for the culinary capital it was built up to be - may just be bad luck)

3. I've decided to read "On The Origin Of Species" and will attempt to blog here regularly about it - need to look through it, but will try to get a section a week.

4. I figured out that I want my blog to be about science and life, kind of how it is now, to showcase that scientists are people to. I'll have to think of some catchy tagline like, "a scientist in the wild can be nearly indistinguishable from any other person," or something to that effect.

5. I think I have a really great idea to write up and submit for a postdoctoral fellowship application. Still no postdoc, but working on it.

6. It is too late for me and the seamonkey, we're headed off to bed - Good night!

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