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November 2014 Interviewed about bioinformatics research as part of a series with notable bioinformaticians.

October 2014 - Interviewed about genomic testing as new resources surface for Phoenix Children's Hospital.

October 2014 - Interviewed about Open Access publishing. 

October 2014 - Profiled on for "Cracking the (bio)code." - profile here

June 2014 - Interviewed by Martin Amrein for article about Y chromosome evolution in NZZ am Sonntag (article in German), available below: June2014_NZZamSonntag_Y-Chromosome.pdf

June 2014 -  Interviewed for "Sex is Complicated" by Jillian Keenan about mechanisms of sex determination for Slate article about trans individuals.

September 2014 - Breaking Bio #65 "Sex chromosomes & Math for Biologists with Dr. Melissa Wilson Sayres" - watch here.

April 2014 - "56 different points on the gender spectrum" panel discussion at The Conference on World Affairs - watch here.

March 2014 - Interviewed by Maria Armoudian on The Scholar's Circle, NPR, along with Jeremy Nathans, about the X and Y chromosomes. - listen here.

January 2014 Interviewed about Y chromosomes by Jonathan Green of ABC (Australian Broadcasting Company) Radio National. - listen here

Januray 2014
- Interviewed about work studying variation on the human Y chromosome: Ian Sample at The GuardianRobin Wikey at the Huffington PostRobert Sanders at UC Berkeley (y en EspaƱol), Sven Stockrahm at Zeit Online (German). Also written about by: Razib Khan at The Unz ReviewVicktoria Woollaston at MailOnlineSandro Iannoccone at Galileo (Italian)Jumat in Sains (Indonesian)Pieter Van Dooren in Standaard (Dutch)

September 2013 - Interviewed by Ed Yong from National Geographic, about inherited human sex reversal due to variations in the SRY gene.

July 2013 - Interviewed by Tia Ghose at Live Science, and interviewed by Erin Wayman of Science News for comments about a newly Y TMRCA results.

March 2013Interviewed by Alan Boyle at NBC News for comments about a newly identified human Y chromosome lineage.

November 2012Interviewed by Tia Ghose at LiveScience about our research involving observations of, and explanations for extremely low human Y chromosome diversity. Her article was picked up by The Huffington PostYahoo!News, e!ScienceNews, Hitech@Glance,  and others.

April 2012 - Interviewed by Dinsa Sachan at Down To Earth for comments on the newly sequenced rhesus Y chromosome.

July 2009 - Interviewed, then picked up, by several outlets about our work on the evolution of the human sex chromosomes: ABC News HealthScience DailyL'Espresso (Italian), Phillipine TimesThe HinduDailyIndia.comScience Codex, and others. We even made it onto Jezebel, which is actually one of the most solid reviews (and least speculative!).