Thursday, December 31, 2009

They Might Be Giants

Apparently TMBG have put out four kids albums now, and I think they're great! Here's a sample:

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A gentle reminder of English spelling and grammar

In case you've ever been confused, or would like to forward this on to someone who could use an hand with their English.


I admit, I am devoured the four twilight books, and then the partial pdf of midnight sun in a matter of days. I have so many thoughts about them though, and being the nerd I am, some are off-the-chart silly. I'm hoping to have some time to think about them a bit more and write down my thoughts, but beware, there will be some spoilers coming soon - I'll let you know so you can look away if you like.

Still uncertain about seeing the movies though, especially with my disappointment over the last Harry Potter (and the Half-Blood Prince). Scott and I rented it the other day and it was all I could do to keep from yelling at the screen. I did make him pause it on several occasions to explain vital bits the movie left out, or where it went horribly wrong. I understand that a movie needs to make money, and appeal to a broad audience, but to miss the essence of the book so completely is (nearly?) unforgivable. Sigh, just curious how the next two turn out.

More to come about Twilight soon. I'm so compelled to write about them because I feel the need to think through the "science" of the books. Okay, they're vampires, and werewolves(ish) - I can appreciate the fantasy, but when an author starts trying to explain the fantastical parts of a story, instead of just letting them be imaginary, I have the challenge their explanations/assumptions, especially when they just don't make sense. I'm contemplating writing a book on fantasy genetics. Wonder if there is anything like that already. Probably...

Of course google wouldn't let me down. Here are some quick reference, while you wait for my assessment:

This one has the potential to be very good: Twilight Vampire Evolution

Here is a potential explanation for sensitivity to UV: Vampire Genetics1

This one is a bit silly, but at least thinking about it: Vampire Genetics2


Uh, did I mention that I'm a nerd?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cookie exchange!

Unfortunately, we won't be around for a cookie exchange this year, otherwise I would try some of these.

Who knows, maybe we'll have a January cookie exchange!!