Thursday, May 26, 2011


I keep putting off posting because I want to make the posts really meaty, but being home with Claire, finishing some writing for my dissertation research and not having Internet really limits me. So, until further notice, this will be a skin-and-bones blog, but at least it will be a blog (thanks to 3G on my phone).

I've met so many interesting people since we have moved to Berkeley. Most of the people are really quite friendly, which helps when you don't know anyone.

I've been getting a little stressed lately because our one nanny didn't work out, and now it has been very challenging to find childcare for baby girl. It has been especially hard for me today because it is really sinking in, how much I am going to miss, and miss her, when I start work again. I almost started crying, just holding her and seeing how big she has gotten already. I know it will be okay. It just stinks sometimes.

Now, I'm going to go enjoy holding my napping baby.

Here is her a few days ago:

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

In the meantime

I have so much to tell you, dear readers, but currently have more pressing issues (updating an image for a press release, and working on a manuscript that's due in a week and a half). So, in the meantime, please enjoy this cartoon:

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oh I-80

Our google map directions for today:

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I forgot to tell you about dinner yesterday! Well, dinner was nothing special, but we saw a family of geese. There was a mommy and daddy:

And at least twelve little babies! Here are a few of them:

They weren't afraid of us at all, and one of the parents got a little attitude with Scott when he stepped out of the car to take a picture for me (I was nursing Claire).

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Dinner and day two

We couldn't have chosen a better hotel if we had planned it. Last night we found the Best Western in Monticello, IL. It was the only hotel in the area where the pet friendly rooms were not the smoking rooms (in fact the whole hotel was smoke-free!!).

This morning I woke up to this view out of our window:

There was also a lovely wood-planked patio around the main floor, outside the pool, that had a grill!

Claire slept most of the day yesterday, so was restless last night and is a little fussy this morning, but not too bad at all. Actually, she has been amazing so far. So have the doggies. We haven't done much and it has been fantastic! Just relaxing and enjoying the scenery across county.

Another plus is that the meds the Vet gave us have worked perfectly to keep Aro from getting car sick. Yay!!

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Monday, May 2, 2011

So far so good

I wasn't expecting it to have been such a nice trip so far. I especially wasn't expecting to see this smiling face after eight and a half hours in the car:

It has been rainy, but we avoided rush hour in both Columbus and Dayton, and have only been around a handful of less-than-ideal drivers. We are just outside of Indianapolis and debating whether to stop for the night there or take advantage of baby girl's good mood and keep driving.

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Day one, take two

So today is our first official driving day. Baby and doggies have fallen asleep, so we are planning to get as far as we can till they (esp. Baby girl) wakes up.

As I wrote this baby girl woke up, but she isn't unhappy, and will hopefully stay that way for another couple hours.

I'm so glad to have the iPhone. Now I'm going to look up the numbers for our old utilities so I can get them shut off. I'll post again soon. :)

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day One

We've spent the day relaxing and preparing for the cross country drive, in Carlisle. It is a little more time with baby girl's Nana, Pappap, aunt, uncle and cousins. Unfortunately poor baby girl is still sick. She likely has some sort of virus that is making her miserable, including vomiting the entire contents of her stomach. Poor little baby heaving is one of the most heart-breaking things.

We put off heading out today in the hopes that she would be better, but, no luck. So, I think we'll just get up early tomorrow and head out West. Our plan, for now, is to see how far we can get.

I found this website ( that will help us find pet friendly hotels along the route.