Thursday, July 29, 2010

Raystown lake

Our first few years together we went to Raystown lake several times each summer. Last summer we didn't make it at all, so we decided to make sure to go this year. We decided to bring the rats...which it turns out, are BANNED from the nice grassy area and beach, so we were relegated to the very sloping, somewhat rocky side-hill.

The dogs were just happy to be with us and be outside:

But man, was it hot!! It was 97F, with the heat index well over 100. And, being relegated to the rocky, hill, there was just a teeny-tiny shade tree. Neither the dogs nor I did very well in the heat.

Surprisingly, Aro didn't mind wearing the doggy life vest, and later in the day, at Whipple Dam, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, both dogs swam!! It was only a few minutes, but they were both so hot they didn't care.

We're planning to go back again this summer, but will, unfortunately, have to leave the dogs at home so we can both go swimming.

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