Thursday, July 8, 2010

Evolution of the blog

I'm still working through what I want my blog to be. As I wrote last time, I think I really want to showcase how balanced (or unbalanced?) a scientist can be. Perhaps it is presumptuous to consider myself a full-blown scientist, and even more outrageous to assume that I have any sort of balance in my life, so let's say that this blog will monitor the process of me working towards both. :)

Yesterday, especially, was scientifically productive for me. After meeting with so many people, during one of the seminars, a ton of ideas all just came together, and I think I have a good skeleton for a postdoc research proposal put together. Honestly, it might be a little bit overwhelming for that, but I'd rather have to many ideas, and have to shave off the bad ones, then sit and stare at a blank page. I hope that on the trip home I'll have some time to hash out the ideas a bit more, but I also want to work on:
- the manuscript for the research I presented here at SMBE (Life history traits affect the magnitude of male mutation bias)
- look at the raw data for the MMB project - adding some analyses that came after meeting our collaborator
- assess the project on the pseudogene project sent to me by the undergraduate I'm working with

I didn't realize how much the carb overload (oh baguettes) and paucity of healthy food options (cream sauce and cheese anyone?) would, together with this pregnancy and the skipping across time zones would affect me. I'm completely exhausted, and very ready to go home - heading out in the wee hours of the morning here.

I just wasn't in the mood to be around lots of people, or do much of anything after the conference ended this morning. I took a nice walk. Then, while eating my store-bought salad and attempting to read the paper, I noticed that Twilight (yes, it is a guilty pleasure of mine) was released yesterday in France, so Cal I and I headed over to see it. The theatre was a nice reprieve from the hot weather that has settled in here.

Now I am all showered, packed and ready to go when the taxi comes - off for a nap. Adieu!!

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