Monday, April 8, 2013

One day at a time.

I wrote this a month ago (March 5, a Tuesday), but didn't hit publish. I don't know that we ever have a typical day, but here is one day:

Wake up at 6:30am. Get the Little Bear to the bathroom (yay!), then get her dressed, and fed (homemade wheat cinnamon bread toast), and brush her teeth. Hand her off to Scott who takes her to daycare. Get myself ready, head into work.

8:00am - Start working through emails, coordinating visits, responding to messages that stacked up over night. Realize it is Scott's birthday, so hurry to call him (feeling like a schmuck), then get back to work writing some code to analyze read counts from the 1000 genome data.

12:00pm - Miller Institute lunch and lecture. Then, head back to lab and work through some results for the Rheumatoid Arthritis project, and talk to a colleague about a grant proposal he is working on.

2:30pm-ish - The phone rings. A labmate says: "Uh, Melissa... there's some guy from NBC who wants to talk to you on the lab phone." After a few seconds of mild confusion, pick up the phone. He wants to ask questions about a new manuscript (which I haven't read yet because it just came out). Super-cool! I take the next hour to carefully read through the results in question, then call back for the interview (the article is up already. Current update: This actually led to me writing up a more formal response that is under review right now.)

4:00pm - Head home to let Little Brown Dog out to do his business, and give him a short walk around the block before heading back upstairs to change, grab the jogging stroller and snacks for the Little Bear, then head out to daycare.

4:30pm - Pick up the Little Bear, and have a nice conversation on the way home. At home we made carrot muffins together, and played with Little Brown Dog. Then, while she "colored" a card for Scott's birthday (aka, poked holes in the paper, then tore it into tiny little bits), I got dinner started.

Little Bear (with her "hat") helping walk Little Brown Dog.

6:15pm - Eat dinner, then family playtime. I got to be a "tiger" that she rode around, and there was a lot of tickling involved. At one point the Little Bear (apx 30 lbs) asked me to ride her back, which was not an easy feat, let me tell you.

7:00pm - Made hot tea for me, milk for the Little Bear, then sitting together in the rocking chair and reading stories.

7:30pm - Time for pajamas, potty, and teeth-brushing (for the Little Bear). Then Scott read stories tonight and we took turns putting her to bed - asleep by 8:30ish (yay!).

9:00pm - A few hours to get some more work done, shower (maybe), and relax (?) before we start it all over again. Tonight it's peer-reviewing and working on research summary for recruiting summer undergraduate researchers.

It's raining right now. I love listening to the rain.

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