Friday, April 26, 2013


It's strange to think that my Little Bear has friends (not just kids she tolerates because we make them play together). She is truly excited to see certain kids, and does a significantly better job of sharing and playing nicely with them than with other children.

The Little Bear likes having someone younger than her
(J is almost one year younger exactly) to play with.
One of her friends is J, who reminds me exactly of the Little Bear every time I see her (they are both spunky, smart, and full of personality). After a couple rough visits, J and Little Bear played together wonderfully. This weekend, the Little Bear told me, "Mommy, I'll be right back. I'm going to go get J." Melt!

Playing tetherball with her best friend, M.
Her other friend is M. They've been in daycare together since Little Bear was about 6 months old (so for 3/4 of their lives). When I came into the playground area at daycare yesterday, all of the little kids were playing together, except for these two. I looked around, and at the inside area, I see M, with his shoes off, walking around. Next to M's shoes, I see Little Bear's shoes. About that time, M spots me. As he ran towards me for a hug, Little Bear popped her head out from around the corner to squeal then run away. It cracks me up that they are partners in crime, already.

It is bittersweet that both of her best friends (and their parents!) have recently moved away (one to San Francisco, and one to Irvine). But, I am very excited that it will give us wonderful opportunities to visit places we haven't seen. I don't know where we'll be headed in the next year or so, but I do know that we'll have wonderful friends all over the world. I hope the same will be true for the Little Bear.

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