Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Making progress

On Friday I had two papers rejected within a couple hours of each other. Bummer. The good news is that one is rejected with the possibility of resubmission after major revisions, so I'm starting those now. I'm  debating what to do with the other, because it was rejected due to lack of interest/space. It may just end up as a blog post (it was a Letter to the Editor).

I also found out that my K99/R00 application was "Not Discussed", which means that it was reviewed, and given comments by NIH reviewers, but did not reach the top 50% threshold to be discussed among the larger committee. Bummer. But, I got the comments today, and I have to say that it really brightened my day! They were generally very positive (thank you, anonymous reviewers!!), and all four reviewers had the same (valid) concern that my fourth aim was too experimental. So, I need to find an experimental biologist to act as my mentor for training for the third component, and then will plan to rewrite and resubmit in July.

Then, today I heard back that the paper written with my undergraduate, and submitted to the peer-reviewed Berkeley Scientific Journal (for undergraduate research) was accepted with minor revision. Wonderful!! It is about phosphatase gene evolution. I'll write it up and feature it here after the revisions are complete.

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