Monday, August 26, 2013

Coming to a town near you!

I'll be doing a little bit of traveling this Fall, and I'd love to see you!

Tuesday September 10, 2013
The Pennsylvania State University, State College, Pennsylvania
Time/Place TBD
I will be in town the 9th and 10th!

Friday September 13, 2013
Syracuse-Dunbar-Avoca High School, Syracuse, Nebraska
I am VERY excited to be talking with the students where I went to high school!!

Monday September 16, 2013
The University of Kansas (KU), Lawrence, Kansas
12:00-12:50, 3012 Haworth
I'll be on campus ~10-4pm

October 22-26, 2013
American Society of Human Genetics 2013 meeting
At ASHG 2013 I will be tweeting (@mwilsonsayres), presenting a poster on the identification of evolutionary strata, and co-moderating with Maja Bucan the session:

Wednesday, October 23, 2:00pm-4:15pm


Unknown said...

Wow, your becoming a professional (and busy) speaker. Let me know if you're doing a UK tour at any point. I'm pretty sure you'll find many hosts (including myself).

mathbionerd said...

Will do! I'd love to visit the UK!

Amit said...

I want to go talk about genetics at my high school. Maybe on a future DNA Day. How did you set this up?
What are you going to talk about?

mathbionerd said...

I just corresponded with a teacher there. I think a lot of high school teachers would love to have a guest presentation!

I'm still working out the details of what I'll present. Previously, I've given lessons on Phylogenetics, but these are for general science students, so I'll probably talk about what graduate school is, and what kind of research I do, in general. Doubtful that I'll have a formal presentation.

I'd love to do something for DNA Day - when is it this year?

Amit said...

DNA Day is usually in late April, corresponding with the anniversary of Watson and Crick paper. ASHG sponsors a high school DNA Day essay contest, so I figure that would be a good time to do some outreach :)

mathbionerd said...

Great idea! Hopefully April will be a bit calmer for me also, so I might try to do something here too. :)