Monday, March 25, 2013

Dinosaur alphabet

I was away this weekend at the NESCent Catalysis meeting: Reporting Across the Culture Wars Engaging Media on Evolution. I had the good fortune of meeting an amazing group of people, but was so very happy last night to come back to my sweet Little Bear (2 years, 3months), Little Brown Dog, and my husband.

Well, Little Bear decided while I was gone to tear down her alphabet (letters and pictures of animals) that hung on the back of our front door. It was perfect timing however, because Brian Switek is working his way through the #DinosaurAlphabet!

This week's article is: V is for Velafrons.

I wonder if Brian has thought about making a Dinosaur Alphabet poster for kids? I would definitely buy one (and might even volunteer to help put it together).


As soon as I posted this, I switched back to twitter to see that, "yes!" the poster has definitely been thought about. 

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