Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer's Eve Fail

I should state, in full disclosure, that I think Summer's Eve products, and douching in general, are designed to prey upon womens' feelings of insecurity "down there", which are often played up in sexist jokes. Also, if you only have time to view one video, please watch the one at the end of this post.

So, how did I feel when a friend asked me about the Colbert parody of a Summer's Eve ad? Confused at first, because I hadn't seen the ads. Then, defensive, disgusted and horrified... with Summer's Eve.

You can see both (although not safe for work) here:

I think Colbert's satire regarding the Summer's Eve ads is hilarious. His parody commercial... eh, it's alright. It is raunchy, but so is the Summer's Eve ad.

I have to agree with the commentary that, "or some viewers the clips are managing to hit that magical advertising sweetspot of being both sexist and racist". However, I can sympathize with the plight of S.E. when they assert they are trying to combat the stigma still associated with lady part, for example that theg the word "vagina" is still not allowed on some stations.

Maybe, instead of getting the word "vagina" into common usage by referring to it as dirty and gross, in need of cleaning, we could do something like this:


Mike Russo said...

Haha, that second video is great. Melissa, you are so vaginal!

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