Monday, July 25, 2011


My iPhone was lost/stolen last week. We know someone saw our pleas to return it and ignored them, so it doesn't look like it will be finding its way home. Sad.

This weekend we picked up an inexpensive go-phone for me to use to get ahold of people, and I decided to get an iPad (which I've been hesitating getting because I had the iPhone). Now that I don't have it, the redundancy doesn't exist.

Other than the fact that the camera on the iPad2 is much worse than the iPhone4 camera (what's up with that, Apple?), I don't have any complaints. Also, I really love the Logitech keyboard/case I got to go with it. I still have a lot of experimenting to do with it, but it is nice to have a mobile way to connect again. Also, since I generally used my iPhone when Scott was driving, this will be even nicer.

I've got to go run and get Claire from daycare, but I'll post more about my experience with the iPad, in case any of you are contemplating getting one. :)

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