Monday, July 11, 2011

Getting back in shape

The UC Berkeley gym offers one month free membership to postdocs. I am now taking advantage of that one month. I went on Friday, Sunday and today, and it feels so, so good to be sweating again. We do walk here, much more that State College, which I'm sure will have an effect in the long run, but it doesn't quite fulfill the need to push oneself. That being said, I can't wait to go to a class or two because I always work harder when I'm in a class with others, than just on a machine, or running by myself.

Motivation is one of the reasons I'm considering participating in the Redwoods marathon (well, in the 10k or half marathon). I know I don't have the time/energy/will to train for the full marathon, but will, at the least, participate in the 10k, and am very tempted to try the half marathon (because, well, why not?). The only thing is that we'll have to find childcare because Scott is planning to run the half-marathon as well.

Well, dang it. I just read through the website, and although I had been led to believe there was a 10k option, there is not. Just 5k, half- and full-marathon. Hmm... so do I wimp out and go with the 5k, or push myself and do the half-marathon? I've survived a 10k, so it's possible I could survive the half-marathon as well. Looks like I'd better start training!

Oh, and as to the title, I haven't done any formal exercise, other than walking, and playing with the baby and dogs, since she was born (six months! eek!!). I thought I'd share my goals, and struggles, in hopes of motivating me.  I was probably the fittest I've ever been when we got pregnant (138lbs, 10k, weight-lifting), and although I exercised throughout the pregnancy, I still gained 44lbs (182lbs the day before she was born). I'm down to 155, but really need to work on endurance, strength and flexibility. We'd like to have more children, and I want to make sure I'm as healthy for them as I was for our first! So, for a healthy weight-loss goal of 1lb per week, that gives me 17 weeks to reach my pre-baby weight. That puts me around November 7th (ish). So, let's assume I'll have a couple of off-weeks, and make it my goal to be down to my pre-baby weight by her first birthday - December 22nd! Wish me luck!!

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