Saturday, July 30, 2011

Apology for the science blogging lag

I've been neglecting my science blogging lately. Mostly this is because the time I have left to blog is stolen from other obligations. A rough approximation of my priority list, at any given moment is:

1. baby
2. husband
3. dogs
4. research
5. fellowship activities
6. food
7. exercise
8. reading
9. sleep
10. blogging

There may be some wiggle-room on the list, but this is generally how I'd like to prioritize things. Sleep moved a little further up the list last week when we all shared a cold that baby girl brought home from daycare. And, although I try to cook, these days it is just about all I can do to try and make sure we have fresh fruits and veggies in the house.

Furthermore, I feel obligated to spend a reasonable amount of time on any science-related posts because I want to make it accessible to anyone who might happen my this blog (welcome!!). So, I  end up neglecting the science blogging.

I did want to write, though to say that I've really been enjoying my time back in lab, researching. I am finishing up the last project from my thesis work and, although I'm a little behind, I'm really making some great progress. Part of what is holding me up is that I have thought of a few new things to add. So, what am I working on? I think I'll write another post on that!

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