Saturday, July 30, 2011


The second book in the Uglies trilogy, Pretties, is as captivating as the first. If you haven't read the series, or the first book, please know that this review, while vague, will give away parts of the first book (find my first review here), so proceed with caution.

Okay, on we go. Our heroine, Tally, wakes up as a pretty, with a pretty-body and, more importantly, a pretty-mind. This book centers around finding a cure for pretty-mindedness, and we follow Tally who, try as she might, manages to find herself in amidst a slew of unintended (and somewhat awful) consequences. But, throughout the book she is true to herself, and, as readers, we know that she is doing her best, even if other characters might not be able to see past her mistakes.

 Pretties is written with the same pace and optimism of Uglies, and I couldn't wait to get to the final book in the trilogy, Specials.

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