Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Skeletons in my closet

There isn't a dedicated nursing/pumping room in my building, but I was lucky enough to run into a woman who said I could use her storage closet. It is keycard access, which limits the likelihood I'll get walked in on, has some desk space, a sink, a window, àand a bunch of neat anatomy props!! Below are my new skeleton buddies:

The space is actually much nicer than the basement room, two buildings over that I used at Penn State, and doubly fast (because of the same building and because I can leave my equipment in the room). Yay!!

What I like most about finding this room is the lack of red tape. There is paperwork and signatures to a get access to a room at PSU, but here the access to the official pumping/nursing rooms was very easy, and they encouraged me to ask my department for a closer space. I don't need the room all the time, just once or twice a day for 15-20 min., so this actually helps the university by not holding up a room all day for sparse use. I wish all employers could be this practical.

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