Thursday, December 2, 2010

White wine in the sun

I don't know why, but the original version of the song is much more moving (I doubt I can blame it on hormones since it is hasn't been that long since I first heard it). The emotion in his voice really hit me and I couldn't help myself when a couple tears welled up.

This part especially got me:

And you my baby girl 
My jetlagged infant daughter
You'll be handed round the room
Like a puppy at a petting zoo

And you’re too young to know
But you will learn one day
That wherever you are and whatever you face
These are the people
Who'll make you feel safe in the world
My sweet blue-eyed girl

And if my baby girl
When you're twenty one or thirty one
And Christmas comes around
And you find yourself 9000 miles from home

You’ll know whatever comes
Your brothers and sisters and me and your mum.
Will be waiting for you in the sun


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