Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nothing brings you back down to earth like being rejected

I was on a high after finding out I was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship (yay!!) to study at Berkeley. It is completely awesome. I have funding for three years to study wildly fascinating questions (i.e. questions I proposed), in collaboration with some rockin' scientists!

For a couple days I rode this wave of excitement, probably thinking a little too much of myself, then received word that the review article my advisor and I wrote was rejected, hard. Many thanks to the gods of science for reminding me that I need to constantly work on both my research and myself.

That doesn't mean all of the excitement from the fellowship has vanished (hardly!), just put into perspective.

Things really couldn't get better for us right now - both Scott and I get to research exciting topics for our postdocs, with top scientists, we're expecting our little girl any day now (due in 5 days, on the 20th of December), have two adorable doggies, and we are surrounded by incredibly friends and loving family.

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melly mel said...

congrats on the fellowship!!!!