Monday, December 6, 2010

400th post to commemorate Dr. Ashton Welch

Flipping through the magazine from my undergrad (Creighton University) this weekend, I was caught off-guard by the obituary for my freshman advisor, Dr. Ashton Welch. I was surprised because he was always so vibrant and active (and only 68 years old). I remember him commenting on how surprised he was that some of his students would be winded walking up the stairs to his fourth floor office.

Dr. Welch encouraged and supported me when I first came to Creighton. He helped me through my first year, and always had something new and interesting bit of information to share when I would stop in to his office throughout, usually describing one of his new artifacts, the rest of my tenure at Creighton.

In all likelihood, I would probably have never seed Dr. Welch again, but he made his impact that first year I knew him, and I am sad that he will no longer be an active positive influence in the lives of new students.

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