Friday, December 17, 2010

Getting creative - baby-themed sugar cookies

At the Biology Department Holiday Party (which is always a good time), I ran into several people who made comments about how I must be ready to have this kid out of me.

Nope, not really. 

I feel pretty good. My two complaints: First, although not terrible, I'm not sleeping particularly well (e.g. last night I went to bed around 11, woke up once to head to the restroom, and another 4 times for no real reason, finally giving in and getting out of bed at 6:30); and, second, it getting a little more awkward to walk (a little because of balance challenges, and partially due to tenderness from baby's head hitting nerves). In the grand scheme of things, those are relatively minor. 

So, what does this have to do with getting creative? Well, I would like to bring cookies to the hospital when we go in, but it seems they disappear as quickly as I make them! This just leads me to making more, but I don't want to get bored by making the same recipes over and over, so I took some inspiration from my friend Laura, who posted this family recipe for sugar cookies and frosting. In conjunction with some adorable onesie-shaped cookie cutters my friend Christina gave out as favors at a baby shower she helped organize, I made these:

In contrast to all the pink we got, I chose to ice them with my favorite colors, shades of purple and green. I also attempted some designs, but by 11, I had run out of steam, so only some of them are fully decorated. Also, yes, that grey protrusion on the left is my sweater-swathed belly finding its way into the picture. The cookies are delicious! They are not too sweet on their own, so are perfect with a little icing. 

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