Tuesday, September 21, 2010

lost in writing

I've been writing/researching quite a lot the past week, and it'll probably be a little sparse around here until November.

Over the past week I've submitted three fellowship applications (yay!), and have a good draft to work from for submitting two more fellowships and a smaller grant application (for supplies). It feels good to have three down and three to go - although one of the three to go is the NIH postdoctoral fellowship, which is quite involved. The fellowships are due mid-Oct and early-Nov, and the mini-grant isn't due till January.

Also, after talking with one of my mentors yesterday, he suggested three other fellowships I could potentially apply for (due Feb, March and June). If the people writing my reference letters aren't completely sick of me by then, perhaps I'll try to submit to a couple of these as well! I'm starting to get very optimistic that I'll be able to find funding for my postdoc now. I'll try to ride this wave until March when I start hearing back from them. :)

Last week I also wrote and submitted an article for the GWIS E-newsletter about one of our past GWIS fellowship winners. I will be writing a few more of these to be included as a regular section, and was invited to write the cover-article for the Spring GWIS Bulletin about our past fellowship winners. The due date for that isn't until Spring, but I'm hoping to have all of these done before the beginning of December.

This week I'm putting together the outline for a review of Male Mutation Bias. The challenge here is to focus on papers submitted in just the past 3 years, but being in the field, I know of a few that are only in preparation - I hope they come out so I can include them in the review!

I'm also hoping to get one on my research papers in near-final form this week, or early next week, to submit to our collaborators for their approval.

So, lots and lots of writing, but I'll try not to be too neglectful.

On the baby-front, we had a check-up yesterday. We're at 27 weeks and I'm up 22lbs. I'm hoping to reign it in a little, but  She's growing and has a healthy heartbeat, so all seems to be well. She has started kicking with a little more enthusiasm, although not more regularly, so I haven't had the opportunity to force any of my friends to feel her move. I'm sure that'll happen soon enough though. :)

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