Sunday, May 16, 2010


I'm still having a little trouble finding a "niche" for my blog. Basically it is a random assortment of my thoughts, interspersed with music or news/science that I find interesting.

I like the concept of a blog more than social networking sites, like facebook. I am just throwing my thoughts out to the ether, and people are welcome to read, or not read, at their preference, whereas with facebook updating a status or adding photos or changing anything is automatically added to a feed that everyone is nearly compelled to at least glance at. Someone has to make some sort of effort to go to a blog (or add it to Google Reader).

Although I officially have five followers (thanks to those brave souls for publicly following), I'm sure there are others who peruse with some regularity - thanks to you too!

I'm always looking for suggestions for what to blog about, and am happy to start some discussion topics here - feel free to email me things you find interesting or relevant to the content I've posted previously.

One comment was to post more pictures - I'll do my best with that. To start with, here's a recent photo of the Makova Lab. Enjoy! :)

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