Monday, May 31, 2010

Summer is finally here

I missed a couple of days blogging this weekend, so here's a quick update:

Friday we helped some friends pack up for their move.

Saturday we had a lovely night out with friends' for a barbecue. Tons of great food, bocce ball, board games and delicious desserts!

Sunday we rented a canoe from Tussey Mountain Outfitters in Bellefonte, PA. Our friends came in their kayaks (and rented one more).

Central PA is really quite beautiful.

The canoe was good for a leisurely ride,

but I think a kayak would be a little easier to maneuver.

And, to round out the day, I made some banana bread:

Today, we went into work for awhile, took the dogs to the dog park - there weren't too many dogs there, so we came home made banana smoothies and took them for a long walk around the neighborhood.

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