Wednesday, May 12, 2010

CSH day two

Day two of the Biology of Genomes conference and I'm pretty exhausted. It runs from 9am-11:30pm, but I have to tack on an extra two hours before (to catch the bus and get breakfast) and hour afterwards (to catch the bus back to the hotel), so it's making for pretty long days.

Tonight and tomorrow morning I'm one of the people in charge of walking the microphone around. Should be good to start to recognize people, although I wish they would state their name and affiliation before asking a question. Should be a pretty good deal.

I've met a good deal of people already - wonderful scientists from all over. I met a fantastic Medical Dr/Researcher named Jim Wilson (like my grandpa!) who I took to right away. I'm hoping to keep in touch with some people after the conference, or at least meet up with them at other conferences.

I'm really looking forward to the talks tomorrow, and especially Friday morning. I'll likely blog more about the content tomorrow. Just getting ready for the evening session to start, but wanted to give a quick update.

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