Thursday, May 6, 2010

slacking a little

I've been slacking a bit writing here, so I thought I'd take a break to give an update on research.

I'm running some programs now that are taking for-ev-er! I got chided for using too much of the server space, so I've had to limit the number of jobs I submit to 1,000. I have 13,200 jobs that need to run, each job takes approximately 48 hours to run...that means with the new limitation imposed, it is going to take me quite some time to finally get to the results. Oh, and I have to run this whole scenario twice.

In the meantime, I am writing and testing some other programs, and will try to focus on writing the bulk of the paper. Then, hopefully, I'll just have to update it with the new results.

The next week is going to be pretty busy:
Monday: Take Aro to get neutered (he desperately needs it!)

When I get back, I'm hoping to really start moving forward with my last project needed to finish before graduation.

I now have an estimated graduation time of late September/early October - Yay! I'm planning to meet some potential postdoc advisors at the conference next week, as well as the SMBE meeting in Lyon, in July.

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