Tuesday, October 19, 2010

take that, proposal!

I just submitted my application - all 29 pages of it - for the NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Biology! I know, I know, there's a 5% chance of being awarded the fellowship, but I have such a sense of accomplishment just completing it!

One other fellowship is completely submitted and finalized. Two other fellowships are submitted, but waiting on materials from my references and sponsoring scientist (so some gentle reminders will go out soon). That just leaves one. The big one. The NIH postdoctoral research fellowship. Well, one and a half - there's a smaller grant I'd like to apply for, due in January, but it's not as high on my list of priorities.

 So, what will I do with all my free time now? Well, other than start the NIH postdoc application, finalize my next manuscript to go out to our collaborators, and catch up on writing the review article, I am going to try to make ~2,000 slime samples tomorrow afternoon with a group of volunteers.


Anne said...

Congrats on finishing the proposal. As a fellow scientist (and GWIS member) I understand the never-ending list of things to do. Once you think you think you have accomplished something you can take it easy, then you realize everything else that you need to do!

mathbionerd said...

Thanks Anne! Although there are always more things to do - which sometimes makes it difficult to explain to non-scientist family members that I've never "done" with work - I will be very relieved when I have all of these looming deadlines completed.