Thursday, October 21, 2010


That's how many slime samples we made (in two nights) in preparation for the USA Science and Engineering Festival. Four thousand, three hundred and fifty-four. Wow! I'm so impressed with our volunteers, and I know they'll do an amazing job in DC.

There were quite a few Nu chapter GWIS members, Scott helped by recruiting some of his labmates, as did some other labs,  a few volunteers brought their significant others and roommates. There were also girls from AWIS and SWE. So we had a good distribution of postdocs, grad students, and undergrads working together to get this all done. We had a pretty good assembly-line set-up.

People stapling labels to bags.

Making the glue solution. 

Mixing the glue with borax solutions.

(Some messier than others)

Kneading and partitioning slime.

Divided based on different colors.

 Packaging slime partitions.

And finally, after food coloring, mixing, resting, partitioning, labeling and sealing, we have our final packages!

Well done everyone!!

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