Thursday, October 7, 2010


This will be my 350th post! Yay! I realized this accidentally, which is especially funny given my original intention for this post.

I'm here to comment about pregnancy brain. Real? Well, that depends. Am I forgetting things more often? Yes.

On Monday, I booked dinner with friends of ours at the same time as our first childbirth education class. Tuesday I booked an ultrasound at the same time as a meeting I was organizing (to be fair, it was the only free time for the ultrasound). Tuesday I also COMPLETELY forgot to pick up the vegetables from our plowshare - not like we haven't been doing it at the same time every Tuesday for the past 19 weeks. Last week, even after my reminder the day before, I just forgot to show up for a morning meeting (thankfully it was two buildings over, and the woman was very understanding and called me when I was 20 minutes late to remind me).

It has kicked me into reality a little, so I'll be doing my best from here on out to put everything on all my calendars (work and home).

Needless to say, there will be no plowshare photo this week, although I did make delicious chocolate chip sweet potato spice muffins this morning with a potato from last week. I'll try to post the picture later.

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