Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday update

Scott is stuck in Detroit - first an earthquake, now they have the passengers in the restrooms because the severe thunderstorms have escalated to a tornado warning. I hope it calms down enough for him to make it to San Francisco tonight.

Me and the seamonkey are safe here in State College, with two very active dogs. I had a lot of fun at a Pampered Chef show tonight, but left Aro kenneled (since every time we leave him out he destroys something - most recently a book and Chip's latest vet records). When I got home, both dogs were barking, sigh, and Aro has been hyper ever since. We've gone on a walk and played fetch, and I think they're both about ready to go to bed now. It's funny, as I type this Chip just jumped up and sat next to me, with his tail wagging and started his weird dog-talking, which means it is time to go to bed.

I'll have to record Chip's "talking" sometime. It isn't whining, or barking - it's a strange collection of sounds he makes when he wants me to do something, generally when he thinks it is time for bed.

I'll head upstairs into the heat (since I still haven't given in and turned on the air conditioner), with a book, while I wait for another call from Scott to update me on his travel situation.

Here are some seamonkey pictures, for your enjoyment. :)

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