Thursday, June 3, 2010

baking and other things

I listened to an episode of Coffee Break French (episode 9 if you're curious) while baking tonight. I find that, when listening to these I don't really incorporate as much unless I'm actively listening. Lesson 9 was a good review; I would definitely recommend the Coffee Break series for getting acquainted with a new language. Mark introduces vocabulary, a little grammar, and focuses on pronunciation, all while being relevant and memorable, and without being condescending.

Haven't tried the quiche yet, but it looks and smells fantastic:

I also made some chocolate chip cookies, trying to alter the recipe to be a little healthier (cutting the butter and sugar). The taste test will come later. I'm tired and ready for bed now.

One last addition to the menu this evening was Mint Tea (literally just mint leaves and hot water. It's so cool and refreshing (after adding ice, of course).

I also wanted to show off my new toy: a platypus water bottle, or Platy Bottle. At a conference last Fall I was rooming with a girl who really turned me on to this. It uses much less plastic, can be easily rolled up for traveling and seems quite durable. I'll let you know how I like it after a few weeks.

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