Thursday, June 24, 2010

a very sad video

This song really struck a chord with me this morning, and I haven't been able to stop crying since I listened to it. I guess that means I should blog about it.

Generally Roy Zimmerman makes me laugh out loud, but he always has a message in his songs. The satire in this song makes the point so well, that I'm amazed it is still lost on so many people. See the exchange between a viewer and Mr. Zimmerman I copied from youTube:

6 months ago 2
I might be missing the point of this song.. I'm a Sergeant in the Army and have had friends die in Afghanistan. A very good friend of mine is getting ready to deploy there with the Ranger Battalion out of Fort Lewis... I wish him the best of luck on his tour in hopes that he can return to his family.
I don't like this song.. Death overseas means children without there mother or father. Parents having to watch as there own kids get put into the ground.
This song upset me deeply.. My opinion

and the response by Roy:

T3aJay --
I hope you will see that I'm singing the song from the point of view of that "last man" as a way to say that no man or woman should be sent on such a nebulous mission or have to make that sacrifice for such ill-defined goals. My sincere best to you and the entire Ranger Batallion out of Fort Lewis. Roy
RoyZimmerman 6 months ago 16

I think of my family and friends who have served, and are currently serving in the military. The song, for me, illustrates how important each and every life is, to someone. That we just see numbers on the screen, instead of names, is an injustice.

"Eight people died in a roadside bombing." Any one of those eight people could be my best friend from high school, my brother, my friend's husband, my Alpha Phi sister. All very real people, with hobbies and pets, jobs and homework, kids, siblings, parents, cars, couches, video games...

Now here I go again - I'd calmed down enough to write this and I just start up again. I'm going to go play with the puppies, they are good at cheering me up.

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