Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Evolution 2010 summary

I'm at the Portland airport (with free wi-fi!!) waiting for the first of three flights to take me back to State College.

Evolution2010 was a wonderful success. I was able to meet face-to-face with a person I've been collaborating with (over email only), and I'm so motivated now to get back to work. Unfortunately I'm only home for a couple days before I leave again. However, I am hoping to get some done while traveling. One of the benefits of being a bioinformatician is that I can, generally, take my work with me. It is easier, to keep it all on my work computer, but the option is nice.

I saw a host of great talks - tweeted about most of them, and had a fairly good reception to my talk. Even though I was the only mammalian person in section of marine biologists, there were still quite a few people in the audience. My aunt Roberta even came to see me! She said that my mannerisms, when speaking, look exactly like my dad. :) I wish he could have been there to see it too!

I also am a little sad to admit that I attended way too many talks and didn't get to see much of Portland. What I did see, over the lunchtime break was gorgeous! I am glad that I'll have an extra day in Lyon to take in a bit of the city. I would definitely like to come back and spend some quality time in Portland.

I was fortunate enough to see some family I haven't seen in awhile. In addition to Roberta, my friend Dominique and I went out to Lebanese lunch (and tasty pomegranate juice) with my cousin Mary Jane (MJ) and her husband Michael. They were wonderful! It was the first time I've met Michael, and the last time I saw MJ was ten years ago at a family reunion in Portland.

As it is, I had a fantastic (if not short) trip to Portland - great science, lovely family and friends - but I'm very ready to be home. I can't imagine how homesick I'm going to be when I get to Lyon. Something about being pregnant has turned me from wanting to be a world traveller to somewhat of a homebody (I guess that's called, "nesting"). Maybe that's not quite right, but I do know that I miss Scott and the dogs immensely, and don't want to be apart from them at all.

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