Sunday, March 21, 2010

quiet time

I like getting up early and having the morning to enjoy the quiet, catch up on dishes, laundry, email, and maybe read with some hot tea (or hot water with grapefruit juice this morning).

This morning already I've taken the dogs out, done two loads of dishes, folded laundry from last night, and...nearly died from holding in my laughter while secretly watching the dogs.

After feeding the dogs, I sat down with my hot water and grapefruit juice (half hot water, half grapefruit juice, a twist on hot lemonade - also very tasty), and my book on the couch. The dogs (Both ~10lbs; Aro, a half-chihuahua, half-rat terrier, and Chip, a chihuahua) started playing. After a few minutes it quieted down and the dogs laid down in the sun. Aro jumped on top of his kennel to snuggle on the towel there, and Chip laid down in front of the kennel. A minute or so later, Aro left to get some water and Chip took his place on top of the kennel, on the sunny, warm towel. Aro came back, wanting his spot back, or at least to share, jumped on top of the kennel also. Chip, being nice, or so I thought, got off and let Aro snuggle back into his original, sunny spot.

As Aro got comfortable, Chip wandered around the kennel, appraising it, then decided to pull the towel (Aro and all) off the top of the kennel! It was entirely unexpected and so funny I had to hold my laughter in. It took a few seconds of tugging before Aro realized what was happening and jumped to his feet. But, he had no traction or way to keep the towel from it's impending slip off of the kennel. Stifling my laughter, Chip continued to tug and it reached the point where Aro rolled off onto the ground and the towel came off easily. I couldn't hold it in when, as a disoriented Aro looked around, Chip arranged the towel on the sunlight in front of the kennel and proceeded to make himself comfortable. Sigh, big brothers...

This entire scene occurred in complete silence, aside from my little slip, and so did not disturb my morning quiet.

As I write this, I hear that the dishwasher has finished with load #2, so I think I'll go unload that, then do some yoga before the sleeping giant upstairs starts to stir. :)

If I have time I might try a new recipe. I found some bran in the cupboard and was trying to find an alternative to the traditional use of making bran muffins. I came across this recipe for bran pizza crust and thought I might be able to co-opt it into a cinnamon roll dough. If
I try it, I'll let you know how it turns out.

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