Monday, March 8, 2010

no reason to duplicate

I figure that most people who read my blog are also my facebook friends, so I try not to duplicate anything here. For that reason, I encourage you to go look at my facebook photos to see some more pictures and videos of Chip and our houseguest, Aro.

An update on my dog bite: yesterday one of the puncture wounds was starting to look pretty angry (red and swollen for about a half-dollar radius around it). I washed it several more times throughout the day with warm running water and soap, and then kept it covered with a bandage with antibiotic, deciding that if it was worse, or no better, to day I'd go in. Well, looks like good ol'fashioned soap and water did the trick! I really wish there was more emphasis on how effective simply cleaning a wound can be. There is no need to default to antibiotics - useful as they are - because, as we know, over-use can lead to anti-biotic resistance.

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