Sunday, March 7, 2010

life is never boring in our house

Yesterday started with Taekwando for Scott and a trip to Lowe's for seeds, pots and soil for me. The afternoon consisted of Chip getting attacked by a monster dog at the dog park (the most terrifying event in my life to this point), me getting bit trying to save him and now having to go through a series of rabies shots. (Don't worry, we're both okay now.) We spent the night cuddling Chip, filling up on take-out chinese and de-stressing on the couch. Especially after not having eaten all day, that greasy, americanized Chinese food has never, ever, tasted so good.

This morning started with laundry, dishes, breakfast, grocery shopping and then driving to Lewistown to pick up the foster dog we saved from a neglecting home because PAWS has NO room, NO open foster homes and 20 dogs on the waiting list (see post below). Aro and Chip get along surprisingly well, especially considering how Chip is a cranky old man and usually can't stand puppies. After a couple hours home Chip started to bare his teeth at the incessant poking of Aro, so I put Aro in his kennel and Chip is sleeping in Aro's dog bed.

Now, finally, I'm sitting here enjoying the quiet before going to make dinner (homemade pizza) while Scott, Chip and Aro, all nap.

Here's a video of Aro and Chip's first meeting (Chip uses his kennel as a "home base").

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