Saturday, March 27, 2010

Better than alarm clocks

I would not be surprised if these dogs had an internal timers.

4am seems to be a regular for Aro, but I can usually ignore him back to sleep until just about 7.

I used to be a morning person, so I'm not really minding the wake-up calls, and I do enjoy the walks (although they'll get much more enjoyable above freezing).

This morning, as a result of getting up early, I'm going to make biscuits for breakfast for us. Then Scott has to go into lab to meet with prospective Chemistry students. My plan is to catch up on house-work, take the dogs on a play-date with our neighbor's very friendly black lab (wish us luck!), practice my 5 min poster talk for tomorrow (meaning I should come up with a 5 min talk), and think about labwork a bit.

One of the biggest joys, and the biggest drawbacks, of grad school is that it never ends. There's never a point where I'm "done for the day". There's always more to think about, more to do, problems to work out, troubleshooting. It is wonderful and awful at the same time. Today, though, it is leaning towards awesome, because I've steadily been making progress (a great motivator), and am excited to work through some more ideas.

Better get to those biscuits!

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