Saturday, July 20, 2013

Paleontology pancakes

During the week we usually have a quick breakfast like scrambled eggs, oatmeal, granola bars, or cereal. On the weekends, however, we try for something more fun, like paleontology pancakes. I keep testing different recipes with greater or lesser success, but the really important part is the consistency so that I can get a good shape out of them.

Pteranodon with speckled eggs

Inspecting breakfast.

T-rex is pretty difficult, because of its tiny arms, but pteranodon, stegosaurus, and apatosaurus come out at least somewhat resembling what I intended.

Pancakes are something that are fun to make together. I really enjoy letting Little Bear help me out in the kitchen. I sit her down, measure things out, and let her do the dumping and stirring. It has also been a nice tool for teaching her how to be careful around the oven and stove. If everything is going really well, she'll even help set the table.

I am constantly amazed by how much she can do if I just give her the opportunity to try (and fail). I'm trying to remember this lesson with my students as well.

Happy Saturday!


John Y. Jones, Ph.D. said...

And I thought I was clever for making my kid's initials out of batter.

mathbionerd said...

Aw, I think that's wonderful!

This is something my mom and dad did when I was little, and I wanted to try to replicate it. It's so much fun, and she doesn't really care.

Turtles are also pretty awesome, because you can put spots on their back. But, man, those tiny spots cook so quickly!