Saturday, July 13, 2013

Life lessons from my toddler: think big.

A conversation with my Little Bear, and a lesson.

During dinner:

Little Bear (pointing and yelling): "There's a crocodile!"
Me: "Where is the crocodile?"
Little Bear (calmly): "In my cup."
Me: "Ah, yes, there is a crocodile in your cup of water."

Dinner then proceeded, and as we finished eating dinner:

Little Bear (yelling): "Mommy watch out! (then, in a deep, creepy voice) Crocodile going to eat you."
Me: "Oh! What should we do?"
Little Bear: "Put crocodile in the potty."
Scott: "What if it's a big crocodile?"
Little Bear: "Big crocodile... go in BIG! POTTY!"

Today's life lesson: If you have a big problem, think of big solutions.

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