Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Yeah, I'm hooked

Yes, I am hooked on Katy Perry. I'm sure it'll pass... someday.


Mike Russo said...

I have to start by saying that I disagree with your taste in music but "to each his/her own". There is a trippy/glam rock type of song from the group MGMT that I just found and really like called "Electric feel". Give it a listen and check out the lyrics. Anyway, Katy Perry does a cover of it and even if you don't like the original version, I think you might enjoy her (albeit inferior haha) version.

MGMT version:

Katy Perry cover:

mathbionerd said...

Lol, its funny because most of the time at home I either listen to NPR, or Scott's music, which usually isn't my first choice, so I take advantage of youTube to get my fix of pop fads. I know many of these won't be on my playlist in five years, but I'm definitely one of the people they try to market to, who gets hooked, and has to listen on repeat until I get sick of it. And even with that realization, I still buy into it. :)

Thanks for sharing!