Thursday, January 12, 2012

Canada unmarried us?

How would you feel to wake up, listen to the news, and realize that the government where you got married decided to that "until death do us part" really meant "until the conservatives gained a majority and deemed us unworthy of this lifelong commitment"?

Well, that has happened to thousands of couples married in Canada, including a commentary from one here.

I have to admit, there was no earth-shaking realization the morning after our marriage when the world looked different and my life was forever changed. It was forever changed when I decided to spend the rest of my life with one other person, choosing to live with him, do my best to make him happy, raise a family with him, weather the ups and downs, and share our strengths and weaknesses. The wedding, the marriage document, they didn't make our relationship what it is, and the disreputable act of the Canadian government is not going to break up any relationships.

It does however show a lack of respect for our fellow humans. And, it threatens to strip rights that any committed couple should have (such as being able to stay with a sick partner in the hospital, or carried on health insurance, or, should it come to it, taking over after someone has passed).

The finalized paperwork of a marriage implies so many legal rights and responsibilities that it probably shouldn't, but because it does, I don't think it should matter who wants to enter into that contract, so long as they do so of their own free will.

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